Negotiating with your Local Bicycle Dealer

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One of the most popular and favorite pastimes of America is riding bikes. However these days, and the days of the 90's are long gone, and many bicycle dealers are taking advantage of your hard earned money whilst pretending to be your friends! Remember while these people arn't necessarily evil, they are not your friends! They are here to make big profits and at the end of the day, they want to go home in their premium five liter V8's, while you debate what bike might best suit your needs. They do not care if they know a component will be above your needs because it simply means more money for them. Many shops these days take advantage of the psychological effect that many riders suffer from; riding on better equipment will make your faster and better. Whilst there may be some truth to that in wheels, let me tell you Dura-ace will suit you no better than the entry level Tiagra/105 that is three times cheaper. But why is it that we fall into this belief that it does? It is because we see higher level riders riding them and they are within our price range. For example, Dura Ace Shifters or SRAM Red might only cost around $600 on the retail end, so since we can afford these meager number many think they should ride with it because it is not much more and is better. However, it is only because cycling is a cheap sport that we fall into this. Now, I don't make 7 figure digits but what I mean is this. If anyone who races motorcycles wanted to go to a higher grade clutch, or maybe bike, they would upgrade a level higher or so. They wouldn't go out and buy Valentino Rossi's Motogp M1 for $1,500,000 because they simply wouldn't be able to and it wouldn't make them faster, so because of this they stay within their level. The same can be said with biking, however because we can afford $600 we feel that we should ride with them. Now, don't get me wrong I have nothing against the 250lbers riding on DA but if your riding a high end groupset you should most likely be sponsored and not dishing out your hard earned dollars. Remember DA won't make you faster, it will simply shift crisper, not better. The only thing that will make you faster are EPO's which you might be able to get from the crack dealer at the local strip club or from Contador. Now with regards to carbon....It makes a better a ride, it is lighter and more comfortable.....However many of you don't need the 7 series or S-Works FACT grade level carbon! you would do no different than with a base entry level carbon!!!! Let's not forgot Raliegh is still making Steel Frames with Dura-Ace and Cannondale aluminum frames with SRAM Red.....Remember STEEL IS REAL!!!!! None the less, I figure many of you who are reading this right now, yes YOU!, will disregard what I have to say and that's perfectly fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however for those who need nothing but the best, I figured I'd give you a hand with negotiating with your local bike shop. 

Bike Costs and what the dealer is making off you

                         Now I suppose many of you haven't worked in bike shops so you might not be aware of the costs for the manufacturers to produce these bikes so I will simply be giving a list of what bike shops can get the bikes for and how much it costs for the manufacturers to produce.

I'll start with Trek

              2012 Trek Madone 6.9 - Dealer cost is in the $5500 range based on variables and such.
              2012 Trek Speed Concept 9.9 - Dealer Cost $5600
                                                                 MSRP - $9349.99

              2012 Trek Remedy 9.9 - Dealer cost $5500

              2012 Trek Fuel Ex 9.9 - Dealer Cost $5600

              2012 Trek Session 9.9 - Dealer Cost $5400

These are all estimates done on cost of items and large scale economic assessments, however based upon my visits to local dealerships these figures must be spot on since I was nearly kicked out of 4 shops when I mentioned these educated costs. One shop owner even asked me how I had fallen on these numbers and how I did the math. Plain and simple, I took the average cost of manufacturing items, retail mark ups, shipping costs and other figures which would just bore you. I tried to leave this simple, so most of you can understand without getting confused....Farewell and remember while a product can be negotiated with good labor from and expert mechanic should never be, two separate and completely different entities.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at mikebcrider@yahoo